Portfolio, Program and Project Management Offices (PMOs)

"Setting the platform for centralised, structured leadership in controlling portfolios, programs and projects"

Organisations are continually challenged to deliver with speed, efficiency and quality. A well managed PMO provides the structure, functions, tools and leadership to execute with certainty and confidence.

blueVisions works closely with you to:

Each PMO is unique, however effective PMOs share a common goal to return tangible business outcomes to our clients.

To ensure the PMO solution is effective, blueVisions works in partnership to understand your strategic outcomes, culture, unique project environment and current challenges. We then leverage our tools and experience to tailor a structured solution for your organisation.

Program Management provides an organisation with the capability and opportunity to manage a group of projects in a co-ordinated manner to deliver business benefits across different areas of the business which cannot be achieved delivering projects separately in a cost and time effective manner.

Project Offices provide organisations with the critical link between organisational strategy and the delivery of synergistic projects and programme.

Industry research has shown that companies without a PMO experience 74% project failure rate, as opposed to companies that implemented successful PMOs achieved:

blueVisions has a proven track record establishing Program Management Offices in the Rail, Telecommunications, Municipalities, government agencies, transport agencies, mining sector, manufacturing and others.

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"..your quiet determination and purposeful approach added significantly to our end result. Please accept my sincere thanks for your contribution."

Austin R Bryan Director 3G Products & Services Hutchison Telecommunications

"blueVisions' leadership inspired confidence across the team and their approach to 2nd round tenders saved Qantas one month on the project and significant cost."

Joy Fuller Qantas

"blueVisions provided consistent leadership and direction. Their attention to detail was most noticeable. All activities were well thought out and well executed; they were always two steps ahead"

Robert Long Qantas Development Manager

"blueVisions consultant's vast knowledge of project management, variations, EOT`s and extras have been a big help especially to me. Her role between Cercol Construction and the Education Training Department is also very impressive, by actively chasing information and require explanations for all Variations. This makes my role easy!"

Mark Bennett ETD/SCW

"Management has been easy to get along with and has always had the interest of the client at heart."

Aldo Cantori Project Director of Leighton Contractors

"I had the pleasure of listening to Dominic Siow's presentation on the topic of Emotional Intelligence at the recent Risk Leadership in Complex Project Management Convention in Sydney. This presentation, delivered at the end of the conference was, I felt, the 'icing on the cake'. Dominic's dynamic and engaging style held the audience captive; his message of Emotional Intelligence being key to one's success is a powerful one which all should heed."

Ed Blow Managing Director of Nielsen - Wurster Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

"Across the services I have been extremely pleased with the performance of blueVisions. Their professionalism and dedication has been above and beyond the expectations of Hutchison. Through organisational, project specific reviews and specific project management training provided by blueVisions, improvement to overall project management practices has been achieved and follow on project improvements have been realised."

Malcolm McKenzie Manager of Project Delivery Hutchison Telecoms

"blueVisions has provided excellent service in a cooperative manner."

Kevin Hays Senior Project Manager RTA